There are Different Types of Adoption

Types of Adoption Options

When pregnant and making an adoption plan, there are so many questions that go through your head. Some of those questions might be:

  • What does adoption even look like?
  • Are there different types of adoptions?
  • If I choose adoption, will I be able to know how my child is doing?

Over the past few decades, adoption has really transformed. It went from something that was not socially talked about to something that is beautiful and can look however the individual wants it to. At Gladney, we counsel expectant parents on the three main types of adoption plans: open, semi-open, and closed. We work with you to figure out what you want in an adoption plan and help determine which type of adoption would be the best fit for you.

Different Types of Adoptions

Open Adoption: An open adoption offers communication and a relationship between the biological parents and the adoptive family. Typically this communication is done with picture and letter updates and an annual visit. This allows the biological parents a chance to be a part of their child’s life and know how they are doing. An open adoption is a great option when you want to know how your child is doing but you are in a situation where you are not ready to parent.

Semi-open Adoption: A semi-open adoption consists of picture and letter updates. These updates can be done by mail or electronically through an email or a blog. This is a great option for people who want to see their child grow up but still want to have some boundaries or distance.

Closed Adoption: A closed adoption is when there are no updates or visits. This option establishes more privacy between the biological parents and the adoptive family. Sometimes this option is chosen because it is easier emotionally for the biological parents.

No matter what type of adoption you are looking for, Gladney is always here to help. We work to create an individualized adoption plan for each client we serve. We have great option counselors and caseworkers that are ready to help you navigate the world of adoption.

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