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Expectant Mother Adoption Stories

You are not alone. Many women have walked the path of an unplanned pregnancy. Read Muthoni's real-life story.

When I found out I was pregnant I knew almost immediately that adoption was the path for me because I was not ready to be a mom. Adoption wasn’t a scary thing for me to think about because I’ve seen first-hand from people in my life how beautiful it truly is.

Honestly, I was sad because I already knew in my heart that I loved my baby so much and placing her for adoption would be the hardest decision I would make. But, it was the most loving decision because I was putting the needs of my baby above the wants of my heart.

I visited a local Pregnancy Resource Center and that is where I first heard the name Gladney Center for Adoption. I found out  about their dorm program and decided to take advantage of it because that would allow me to be around other women who were walking the same journey that I was. I worked 42 hours a week during my entire pregnancy, right up until the week before I gave birth, so it was amazing to come home after a long day and have the girls to sit and talk to and have their support. 

Adoption Stories by Gladney - Muthoni

When the time came to choose a family for my daughter, I was very nervous. I wanted to find a couple or family who would not only love my baby, but love me too. I think as a birth mother, that’s probably one of our biggest fears. I wanted a family who were Christians, were family oriented, and were outgoing and fun.

I can honestly say that the couple I chose are absolutely perfect...I truly hit gold! The first phone call we had was like magic. We talked as if we were long lost friends who were reconnecting. When we met in person, we hugged and cried like we were already family. I am so thankful for the bond that we established even before I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. I am so grateful for her parents; they hold a very special place in my heart.

I remember waking up on the day I signed my relinquishment papers...I was not anxious, but peaceful. I sent my adoptive parents this text - “I woke up this morning with such a peace about today. There has never been a decision that has been so important to me in my life than this one, there’s also never been a decision that I’ve made with such confidence despite the difficulty. Kyle and Lauren, the Lord has  given me such affection for you both, a love that I pray will only continue to grow over the years as we watch our sweet Lydia grow. My mom, sister and I prayed and read scripture this morning over Lydia, you both, and everyone who waits in anticipation for Lydia’s arrival. My heart is full of so many emotions, but the Lord has been so gracious and faithful to overwhelm me with His peace and comfort today, as He will continue to in the days, weeks and months to come. I love you both.”

Something that I always remind myself in hard days is that my daughter is SO loved…not only by her new family, but by her birth family as well. And the beauty of what adoption is today makes it so that she will get to know who I am and I can receive updates, pictures and get to see her grow. I love that placement day was not the end of a chapter, but the beginning of one that will grow as the years go by. Adoption is a beautiful and brave thing...and the world needs to know that.


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