Adoption Agencies: What do they Actually do?

Adoption agencies connect expectant mothers with adoptive parents. These women are usually in a situation that would make it very difficult or even impossible for them to parent their child, and these adoptive parents are oftentimes unable to have children on their own. Adoption agencies provide these expectant women with a special way to care for their child and they enable these adoptive parents to have children. But why do adoption agencies do this?

Gladney Center Adoption AgenciesFor the expectant mothers. Women who are considering adoption are generally only thinking about it because they have no other choice.  They need material care and emotional care, and adoption agencies are one source for that care. For example, at the Gladney Center for Adoption, the expectant mother is given medical and legal help as well as emotional counseling and support. These mothers deserve a chance to pursue their personal goals and dreams, and adoption agencies like Gladney give them that chance.

For the children. Adoption agencies want every child to have the best opportunity at life. If a mother is truly unable to care for her child materially, but genuinely wants to give them the best, adoption is a way for her to accomplish that. Adoption agencies open the door to an amazing life for these children and a meaningful life for their mothers.

For the families. Adoption creates families, and children who are adopted are very special because they have two families that love them. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can view actual families that desire to adopt.

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