The Adoption Counseling Process

You may know what adoption means, and you have probably heard of counseling, but have you ever heard those words put together? Adoption counseling can be summed up well in one word: "support." Support when you're not sure what you want or what to do, support during the adoption process, support at placement, and support after everything is over. This is how it works:

1. If you are a mother or a mother-to-be and you're worried about being able to take care of your child the way you want to, an adoption counselor (called an options counselor) can help you objectively look at your situation to determine what the best option is for your baby and for you. They are great at giving advice and hope, but mostly they're just excellent listeners.

2. If you decide that adoption is the best fit for you and your child, an adoption counselor (called your caseworker) will then work with you one-on-one to help you create the perfect adoption plan for you and your baby.

Adoption Counseling With Gladney Center For Adoption

3. After creating an adoption plan, you need to focus on creating a YOU plan. An adoption counselor or your caseworker will listen to you discuss your dreams and your vision for your life. Then they will help you identify the next steps needed to make those dreams a reality and assist you in accomplishing those next steps.

4. Placing a child for adoption is a very loving, sacrificial deed, but it's also a very hard one. Adoption counselors will help you work through what you're feeling and coach you in ways to cope with the many emotions you will experience during this time.

5. Adoption counseling doesn't end when you place your child with their adoptive family. If you want, you can remain connected to a birthmother support group and post adoption counseling for the rest of your life. When you place a child for adoption, you become a part of a much larger family, and adoption counseling is an important element in loving our birthmothers well.  Find A Birth Mother Support Group

If any of this sounds remotely like what you need right now, we encourage you to call an options counselor today to start the process of adoption counseling at 800-452-3639.

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