We Are Gladney. Are You?

We’re asking our Gladney Network (birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees, friends, donors, volunteers, staff members- all of Gladney) to share their connection to Gladney through video. We’ll be using the videos on our social networks and website as well as showcasing the new I Am Gladney video during the 2015 Gladney Cup event! We need your help! Grab your phones or video cameras and share in 15 seconds the following:

Hi, my name is _______________ and I am/we are a Gladney _______________. Then please tell us why you are Gladney. Tell us what you love about being a part of the Gladney network. What makes Gladney special? What difference has Gladney made in your life? We’d like for everyone to end by saying “I Am Gladney”.

Be as creative as you like and have tons of fun telling us why you are Gladney! After all our Gladney family is creative, fun and dynamic and we want to show that to the world! The more action the better! Click the video below to see a sample.

Once your video is done, please upload it to https://www.hightail.com/u/gladneycenter or email it to adoption@gladney.org

Video Thumbnail


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