Too Late To Make An Adoption Plan

The second line appeared and Denae’s heart dropped into her stomach in a mix of fear and love and confusion. She knew that she wasn’t ready to be a parent, but she also knew that she loved her baby and that she wanted him or her to have a great life. A life that was more than she could offer. Everything was so fresh and raw and she was overwhelmed and felt so alone. She wondered if another family would adopt her baby. Was it too early to reach out?

Fast forward eight months. Her swollen belly and ankles left no room for denial that a baby was coming, but she had no plan. No way to take care of him. Was it too late to reach out?

Adoption Plan For Unplanned PregnancyHe’s born and she’s holding him in her arms. As much as she loved him, seeing his little face, his fragile little hands and feet confirmed for her that she couldn’t give this baby the life that she wanted him to have. But she didn’t know where to start. It was too late now. Tears of love, grief and overwhelm streamed down her face, until a nurse said, “honey, how can I help you now?” It all came out at once. How she didn’t even have a car seat. She finally had a pretty good job, but it didn’t offer maternity leave; she had no one to watch the baby while she worked that job, plus another one and went to school. It is all too much. Putting her baby up for adoption would be so hard, but she knew that giving him up was the best thing that she could do for both of them.

The nurse was so kind. She gently and lovingly corrected her, explaining that she wasn’t giving him away or “putting him up” but that she could make a good plan for him. The nurse told her that making an adoption plan was brave. That she knew great people who could help Denae find an amazing family that would love her son and give him all that she so desperately wanted to but couldn’t. It wasn’t too late for an adoption plan. He could still have a great life. They both could.

When you consider your options in an unplanned pregnancy, we want you to know that it’s never too early and it’s never too late to start. Whether you are five weeks pregnant or your baby is five days old, you have options, and you deserve support. We want to hear from you, whether you are 100% certain that an adoption plan is what you want, or you just want to ask some questions. You don’t have to commit to anything in order to receive information, support and encouragement.

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