Looking Into Adoption After Giving Birth

If you are a birth parent considering adoption for your child, start with research about the adoption process. Reach out and contact an Options Counselor. They can give you information surrounding adoption through phone calls, live chats, emails, or by filling out a contact form. Talking to an Options Counselor does not mean that you have decided on adoption. However, it is beneficial to talk to someone who cares for you and your child’s well-being and can help if you are going through a difficult time.

It's Never Too Late For An Adoption Plan

In the meantime, Gladney offers a program called Rest and Respite. Gladney knows that parenting a newborn or toddler can be very challenging. There are challenges financially and emotionally. There is no shame in needing and asking for help. This program assigns a mother a counselor who helps to determine the best scenario for you and your child. The baby can then go into transitional care for up to two weeks with a qualified, loving Gladney family while you make decisions with your counselor.

If you choose to move forward with pursuing adoption, you can begin work with your caseworker on a personal adoption plan. After that, you have time to look at the various parent profiles that perspective couples send in to Gladney. Each parent is screened by Gladney and there are social workers who do detailed background checks, perform home studies, and review recommendations to ensure that the child is given the best possible care. Through this, you can get a good look into what kind of people they are, what they value in life, and what kind of home they will give your child. You are the one who ultimately decides on what family your child will end up with. After you choose a family, you do not have to give up contact with your child. In fact, through a post adoption agreement you and the adoptive family agree on what kind of contact to have in the future.

Gladney’s support does not end after the adoption is complete. You have the opportunity to receive clinical support for as long as you need. This can be group counseling or one-on-one counseling in person, through email, or through the phone. You also have the opportunity, through the Next Steps program, to plan your future, receive budget coaching, and set career and educational goals.

Learn more adoption making an adoption plan by talking with an Options Counselor today!

Speak To A Counselor

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