The Adoption Services Gladney Offers

Gladney offers numerous adoption services throughout the adoption process and afterwards. Expectant mothers have access to an options counselor who offers information about adoption, helps to put together personal adoption and delivery plans, and helps to plan for the future. After delivery, there are also options through the Next Steps program and the “Family Loving Decisions Workshop” for one-on-one counseling, support groups, and counseling for the birth mother’s family/birth father.
Gladney also offers financial, legal, and medical services for expectant mothers whether they choose to live at home or in one of the Gladney residences. Legal services help cover the cost of an adoption attorney and court fees. If you live at home, Gladney can provide a doctor and help coordinate visits along with helping cover food, utility, and rent expenses to name a few. If you live in one of the residences, services such as prenatal visits, sonograms, and childbirth classes are offered along with assistance in Medicaid applications. In both instances, you have the opportunity to connect with others who are going through or have had similar experiences.
As mentioned above, Gladney offers housing for expectant mothers in one of the Gladney residences. These maternity homes provide support, nutritious meals, a gym, bedrooms, fun outings, and support from counselors and other mothers in addition to all of the services above.
Gladney Adoption ServicesAt Gladney, birth mothers that are already parenting a newborn or toddler and are thinking of adoption are offered a program called Rest and Respite. Gladney knows that parenting a newborn can be very challenging. There are challenges financially and emotionally. This program assigns a mother a caring counselor who helps to determine the best scenario for you and your child. The baby can then go into transitional care for up to two weeks with a qualified, loving Gladney family while you make decisions with your counselor.
Wherever you are in the adoption process, Gladney is here to help. We know the fears, challenges, and decisions are not easy and don’t just go away after delivery which is why Gladney offers a lifetime of support to birth mothers.
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