How Do You Put A Baby Up For Adoption?

Adoption is not an easy decision. Regardless of if you're pregnant or have already delivered, we know this decision is weighing heavy on your heart and we just want you to know: you have choices and you are not alone. Good things will come from this. If you choose adoption, you are not only showing an enormous amount of courage, but you are showing your baby sacrificial love and because of your love and courage your child has everything needed to start a beautiful life. HOW DO YOU PUT A BABY UP FOR ADOPTION?

So, how do you put a baby up for adoption (or more positively, how do you make an adoption plan for your baby)? You've already taken the first step in the process just by reading this! The first step is to gather information and the more information you have, the more confidence and peace you will have about your decision. 

Here are some helpful links to expand your knowledge about Gladney adoption: 

Now that you've explored more about adoption, take the second step in the process and talk to someone who cares and can give you factual information by reaching out to an options counselor.  Speak To A Counselor


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