How Do I Give my Child Up For Adoption?

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. When you make the decision of adoption you are putting the needs of your child above the wants of your heart and that takes tremendous amounts of courage and is the greatest example of sacrificial love. We want you to know good things will come from this and you are not alone.How do I give my child up for adoption?

When partnering with Gladney, there are eight steps in the adoption process and by selflessly asking and searching "how do I give my child up for adoption" you've already taken the first step;  gathering information. Breathe and take your time. The more you know about adoption and the choices you have, the more confidence you will have in whatever decision you make. We know this process can be overwhelming and scary but we want to be a part of your journey every step of the way. 

Gladney's eight steps in the adoption process are: 

1. Gather Information  5. Complete The Form 
2. Reach Out 6. Choose A Family 
3. Consider Your Living Arrangements  7. Plan Your Delivery 
4. Meet Your Caseworker 8. Get Support After Delivery 

Want to talk to someone who cares and can provide you with factual information? Reach out to an options counselor today. 

  Speak To A Counselor

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