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Gladney has placed children in loving homes for more than 130 years. Our adoption options counselors work hard for the bright future of each child we serve. But we're also distinguished by the lifelong, personalized service we provide to everyone involved -- the birth parents, the child and the adoptive parents.

Our adoption options counselors, would love to meet you and help you plan for your future. Call or text 800-452-3639 to speak with Ann or Amanda anytime.

Gladney Adoption Options CounselorAnn started working in the Gladney maternity dorm in 2008 while attending college, and she became an options counselor in 2012. Each expectant mother she serves leaves a special place in her heart and inspires her in a very personal way. She has a bachelor's degree in counseling and communications and a master's degree in forensic psychology.



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Gladney Adoption Option CounselorAmanda started working with Gladney as an Options Counselor in 2004. She feels blessed to have also worked as a House Parent and Child Birth Coordinator in Gladney's Dorm. She left to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and returned to Gladney working as an Options Counselor in 2015. Deciding to reach out and inquire about adoption is a brave step – she is humbled to have the opportunity to share information about the adoption process and making an adoption plan. Every situation is unique, and it is an honor to be surrounded by such courage throughout the process. Adoption is particularly special to her family as her husband is a Gladney baby!

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