FAQ: What Is A Birth Mother?

A frequent question we're asked is, "What and who is a birth mother? "

If you look up the word "birth mother" in the dictionary, the definition will read, "a biological parent".  While that's true, a birth mother is so much more. Listen to what Adoption Education Specialist, Kerry, shares with high school students.

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"A birth mother is a term given to a biological mother of a baby after she makes an adoption plan and places her child for adoption. This term distinguishes her from the baby's eventual adoptive mother but in no way diminishes the role she plays in the adoption process. Typically, the birth mother has total control over choosing the adoptive parents and works with her caseworker to provide for her and her baby's needs throughout the process. Birth mothers make hard but loving decisions because when it comes down to it, they want to give the best life to their child."

If you're confused about which path to take in your unplanned pregnancy,  Gladney's Options Counselors are available to talk and can share more information about what adoption would look like for you and your baby.

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