Making An Adoption Plan For Your Baby

Next Steps

Gladney's Next Steps Program goes beyond the basics of the adoption process by empowering expectant moms with resources and skills that will benefit them in their education and careers long-term. Because of supporters of our Next Steps program, we are able to not only assist expectant moms in making an adoption plan for their babies, but also in making a life plan for themselves.

Making An Adoption Plan For Your Baby Is BraveWomen are often in a vulnerable place when they come to Gladney seeking adoption services. Their needs are complex and require the coordination of multiple services, referrals, and collaboration with community partners. Some examples of their needs include education, employment, housing, transportation, healthcare, and counseling. We commonly hear that an expectant mom's experience with Gladney is the first time she felt genuinely cared for, accepted, and empowered. Through goal setting and community connections, our Next Steps program helps them consider who they want to be and what they want to do . . . and lets them know Gladney believes in them and wants them to succeed.


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