The Cost To Raise A Baby

For an unplanned pregnancy, there is no easy choice. But as you give your decision the time and consideration it deserves, you'll grow more confident, peaceful, and prepared for your future.

Plan Your Finances

What is the Cost to Raise a Baby?

If you decide to parent your baby, do you know the cost to raise a baby? Below are just some of the items to think about.

  • Apartment rent 
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Clothing
  • Baby clothing & nursery needs
  • Food
  • Formula, baby food & diapers
  • Car payment, gas repairs, insurance
  • Personal needs: pampering & leisure
  • Prenatal & delivery payment plan
  • Medial for baby, check-ups & shots
  • Childcare, babysitter, day care
  • Cable, internet & phone
  • One-time utility deposits

If you need help going through all the options, feel free to reach out to a Gladney options counselor by via text, phone, email, or chat.

Speak To A Counselor

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