The Adoption Option

What is the adoption option? Adoption is when expectant parents, who may not feel emotionally and financially ready for parenthood, make the loving, courageous, and selfless choice to find a new family who deeply desires and has prepared for a child. This is a very hard decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Thus, it is important to gather as much information as you can because the more knowledge you have about all your options, the more peaceful and confident you will feel about the decision you make. Adoption is ultimately a unique and personalized plan crafted by the biological mother or biological parents,  for the child to have everything needed to begin a secure life.

When partnering with Gladney, expectant moms have the opportunity to personally select a family for your child and discuss with the adoptive parents the level of contact you’ll have with the child.

Danielle McDaniel - BP - Photo 2Each adoptive family has submitted themselves to a rigorous process for the privilege to adopt. Through extensive background checks, home study evaluations and examination of personal recommendations of adoptive families, you can be at peace knowing your child will be deeply loved and joyfully welcomed into their forever homes. Today, adopted children grow up knowing they are doubly loved – by their biological and adoptive parents. In addition, adoptive parents are eager to share with their children your legacy of love, courage and selflessness in choosing adoption. 

Want to learn more about the adoption option and what Gladney has to offer you? Reach out to one of our options counselors today!

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