Looking for Some Great Parent Profiles? We Know Where to Find Them

With Gladney, you choose your child’s parents. It’s that simple. Viewing these parent profiles can help you imagine a life for your child.

Steve and Carolyn. These two lovebirds have been each other’s valentines since the beginning, mostly because their first date was in fact on Valentine’s Day. They instantly knew that they were made for each other and soon got married. Several years later they adopted their son Matthew, who was placed in their care by a courageous and loving birthmother, just like you. Are you the brave birthmother who will make their family complete? Hear more of their story by reading their parent profile.

Kevin and Marcy. Kevin and Marcy love sports, move nights, and family dinner with their two boys. Oftentimes they cook dinner together, but really, they just do everything together. They are very active, and love supporting each other by cheering the loudest at any sporting event. This family is all about encouraging each other’s interests and dreams. If this is something that’s important to you, check out Kevin and Marcy’s parent profile.

John and Cindy. For John and Cindy, family is a top priority. They both grew up in happy homes, and now they have close relationships with their families. They love to travel and adventure in new places, but ultimately their favorite place is with each other. They can’t wait to add a little one into the mix. Could you be the one to grow their small family? See if John and Cindy would be a perfect fit for your baby by visiting their parent profile.

Parent Profiles - John & Cindy

Tim and Tashina. Tim and Tashina are college sweethearts. They got married right after graduation and ten years later, their lives changed in a wonderful way when they adopted their son, Lucas. Now they spend their days loving and caring for this adorable little one, but they hope to give him a little brother or sister soon. Just imagine your child being the baby sibling of this delightful little toddler! Let their charming parent profile fuel your imagination.

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