My 14-Year-Old Daughter Was Pregnant!

Adoption Agencies with a Dorm

The mother and protector in me felt I needed to fix this NOW. Our family was not supportive and wanted the problem to go away quickly. I began to think that abortion was the only answer. But my daughter, who grew up knowing that life begins at conception and life is valuable, demanded I listen to what she was saying . . . “This is a baby.”

Our local Pregnancy Resource Center had given us information, but in the African-American culture, adoption is rarely ever considered as an option. “We could never do that!” is the most common reaction, but I hope my story will let people know that adoption is a wonderful option, regardless of race.

While searching for answers, I went online and found information about Gladney’s services for expectant mothers. I knew my daughter did not need the pain of explaining her pregnancy or facing the blame my family was placing on her. We decided that she would live in the dorm and go to school there. While living in the Gladney dorm, my daughter was able to interact with other girls going through the adoption process, and receive ongoing support and understanding. She was able to handpick the adoptive family for her baby, and we both felt at peace with the family that God sent to us. Gladney gave us every opportunity to engage and ask questions. I appreciate Gladney for being there for us because I could not have gone through this process without them. Gladney helped in every step of my daughter’s adoption plan. The entire process was a positive experience for my daughter and me, and the continuing support available at Gladney has been a blessing.

My grandson is now in grade school, and my daughter has completed college. We receive pictures every year, and he looks more and more like my daughter. I am comforted by the fact that he looks happy and his family loves him so much.

Gladney changed my perception about adoption and adoption agencies. Adoption was the right thing to do for our family, and we felt nothing but love through the entire process.

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