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Gladney-Adoption Agencies in Fort Worth TexasThe Gladney Center for Adoption had its beginnings during the days when orphans in the northeast were placed on trains that carried them to new homes in the south. During train stops these children would often times be put up on a platform where local families would choose a child to adopt. This is where the term "put up for adoption" came from. Gladney's founder, I.Z.T. Morris realized that this system wasn't truly finding homes for the children–it was finding work. Because of this, many of the very young children that couldn't work were not picked. So Morris began "placing" children in homes with parents that would love and cherish them.

Today, adoption is pretty similar. If a woman becomes pregnant unexpectedly, she has the option of placing her child with an adoptive family. The only difference is that Gladney, one of the best adoption agencies in Fort Worth Texas, doesn't choose the parents. The birth mother chooses the parents. And after over 130 years of experience in helping expectant women place their children for adoption, Gladney has developed a finely-tuned system for helping an expectant mom find a set of adoptive parents that are just perfect for her baby.

Additionally, Gladney has lots of other services and programs that are designed to help these expectant women during and after their pregnancy. If you would like to learn more about these services, contact an Options Counselor today to discuss. You can text, chat, call, or email. We're here to listen and to help.

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