Kami's Adoption Journey

Adoption Journey - Gladney Center for AdoptionBirth mother, Kami, recently answered questions about the adoption plan she made for her child as well as how she feels about adoption today.

Q. Kami, is there a specific memory that sticks out in your mind about your Gladney adoption story. How did you feel, and what did it mean to you?

Five years ago, I placed my daughter. You’d think what stuck out the most would be the day I signed the papers, but it’s not. The day I remember vividly is meeting the adoptive parents. We were all nervous I’m sure. I remember being in a sea of people just watching and waiting to see if I saw the faces that I had watched on repeat from their “about me” video. That’s when they walked in, both tall, gorgeous and exactly what I expected. I remember the Christmas trees that were around us in the restaurant and the Christmas tree that was in the giant snow globe they gifted me, it still sits out every year and will now be a way to incorporate adoption into every Christmas. I remember standing outside after lunch and asking the adoptive mom if she would be in the delivery room. I remember the tears and the pain and joy all in one single moment. If there was ever a moment that described adoption perfectly that was it—beautiful, full of love, and full of pain.

Q. How have you grown personally from having adoption as part of your story?

Personally I have grown as a woman who can stand on her own, make decision for herself, and feels okay with those decisions. Pre-placement and even post placement I was so concerned with how the other parties involved would feel. Were they getting what they needed and I never stopped to ask myself if I was getting what I needed to move on and heal from this journey. I now can say that I have made decisions. While not easy ones, [they] have benefited me more than someone else.

Q. What do you feel most proud of about yourself and about your child?

I’m most proud of myself for taking the steps to heal. It’s a process that is easy to run from and I did for a little while, but faced it eventually and have come out better for it. Most proud of my child ... well I could write a whole story book of reasons, but I have to admit her strength and loving heart is something to admire.

Q. What does motherhood mean to you, Kami?

Motherhood means sacrificing your own heart for the need of your child’s, and that’s exactly what birth moms do.

Q. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

I always get asked if I’d go back and do it all over again and my answer is always 100% yes. Adoption has filled my heart in ways I couldn’t have imagined. There’s a community that loves each person and it’s amazing. It’s filled with heartache and love and along with giving my child parents who can provide more than I could at the time I also gave her a community to lean on that so many don’t experience.     

Thanks to Kami for sharing her adoption story. We have even more adoption stories for you to read and watch.


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