Is It Really Giving Up or Putting Up Your Baby For Adoption?

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AdoptED @ Richardson High SchoolI learned from the AdoptED guest speaker that adoption might just be the best option for parents who either aren’t financially stable enough, feel they are too young, don’t have a support system, were sexually assaulted, or anything like that that prohibits from giving their child the life that they deserve. I also learned the correct terminology for phrases concerning adoption. I now understand why the terms “giving up” and “putting up” for adoption aren’t appropriate and can support a negative connotation of what adoption really is.

What stood out to me the most is that Gladney is a non-profit and still provides housing, therapists, support, and forever families for the moms and their babies. It amazes me how committed they are to placing  every child with a loving & caring family and how they will continue to do so until all children know the love and stability of a forever home. This has given me a new outlook on adoption and a great respect for this center and what they are doing.

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