I'm Pregnant

I'm Pregnant. Now What?

There are several things that goes through a woman’s mind when she learns she is experiencing a pregnancy that is not planned like:

  • “What about my plans for school?”
  • “What about my finances?”
  • “Could I parent on my own since I’m not in a relationship?”
  • “How would another child affect my ability to care for the children I am already parenting?

I'm pregnant. Now what?The birth father may have similar concerns and fears when he learns his girlfriend is pregnant like:

  • “Am I ready to be a father?”
  • “Do I have a stable job?”
  • “Am I in a relationship with someone I want to parent with?”  

Adoption is an option!  Choosing adoption does not have to be scary.  With an agency like Gladney there are many types of adoptions available as well as adoption counseling throughout your journey. 

Adoption…it’s worth considering! 

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