How Do You Put Your Child Up For Adoption?

Choosing the path of adoption is not an easy decision. However, we want you to know you are not alone. Adoption takes courage, conviction and lots of love. It is a plan crafted by you for your child, and these plans are as unique as each expectant mother. Adoption gives you a voice in your child's future - in more ways than you think.


You make the plan; you choose the parents; you leave a legacy, all while surrounding yourself with support. Regardless of if you're pregnant or have already delivered, adoption is created for you by you. By choosing adoption, you not only show tremendous courage but you also show your child the greatest form of sacrificial love. 

How do you put your child up for adoption? The first step is to gather information and understand your options. The more educated you are about the adoption process and different paths available to you, the more peaceful and confident you will feel about making the best choice for yourself and your child. 

To further educate and aid yourself in your courageous journey: 

Want to progress in the steps of adoption? The second step is to reach out and call an options counselor. Reaching out does not mean you’ve decided on adoption. But its helpful to talk to someone who cares and can also give you factual information.

Speak To A Counselor


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