Xena. I Am A Birth Mother.

Xena is a loving and charismatic person but most importantly, a strong woman. She unfortunately had to face the struggles of being a single parent and placing her second child for adoption. Placing her child for adoption was the hardest thing she has ever done. Even so, all Xena wanted was the absolute best for her.

Pregnant? Consider Adoption.

Previously, Xena's first child was also going to be placed for adoption. Yet, as she was in the process, something didn't feel right to her. It wasn't until the day that her son was born that she realized she couldn't go through with the process. Regardless of her non-experience as a parent, she knew she wanted to take on the challenge. 

Unfortunately, being a single parent for her first child was more difficult than Xena had imagined. 

Adoption Is An Option - Gladney Center for AdoptionAfter a year or so, Xena came back to Gladney because she was pregnant again. She knew that she was the only one who could make this important decision for her daughter. She also knew that she couldn't provide the best for her, therefore she wanted to find a family who could.

Xena's daughter was adopted by a loving couple, Joe and Bridgette. She has a great relationship with the adoptive parents. She describes them to be amazing and knew that they loved her daughter from the very beginning. The parents also welcomed Xena and her son as a part of their family. Xena is still a part of her daughter's story today.

In essence, every birth mother's story is different. Xena's story is one of the many powerful narratives that Gladney is lucky to be a part of. Birth mothers always have one thing in common: they want the best for their child.



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