Why Should You Partner with an Adoption Agency?

If you have been considering adoption for a while now, you have probably already looked at a lot of parent profiles. You may have even picked out an adoptive family that you want to parent your child. If you have your family, then why would you need to use an adoption agency? Doesn’t that mean more paperwork for you?

Actually, it doesn’t. In fact, partnering with an adoption agency means significantly less paperwork for you, and it means a whole lot of other things, too:

Your agency will provide you with support. It sounds simple, but the greatest thing that an adoption agency can offer you is counseling and emotional support. Adoption is a beautiful, loving act, but it definitely comes with its hard days. It requires strength and courage, and even the bravest of women need a shoulder to lean on every now and then.

Your agency will give you access to legal guidance. Adoptions can be confusing when it comes to the legal side of things, especially if there’s a birth father involved. And lawyers are extremely expensive. When you partner with an agency, they will provide you with legal counsel and legal services from people who specialize in adoption litigation. This is an invaluable service.


Your agency will assist you with medical needs. Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but it can be very expensive, and there’s a lot more doctor visits involved than you probably expect. Additionally, if something goes wrong, you want to have people on your side who are going to help you figure out the problem in the moment and then figure out the bills later. If you partner with an adoption agency, medical assistance will be a part of the services you will receive, and it offers a great peace of mind when you have so many more important things to be thinking about.

If you’re looking for a great adoption agency, let us recommend the Gladney Center for Adoption. Learn more about these and other adoption services we provide.

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