What Is It Like After Placing Your Baby for Adoption?

"What is it like after placing your baby for adoption" is a question we often hear. For each birth parent, the answer is different. We all have different emotions, life circumstances, and support systems. 

Placing Your Baby For AdoptionWatch Muthoni and Katie below talk about their lives after placement. Adoption is beautiful and families are made, and it is born out of loss.

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As you saw, each of these women have experienced sadness and grief. Katie believes that transparency is so important in adoption because she doesn't get to live side-by-side with her daughter but she still knows that Katie did everything for her. Placing her daughter was all for her daughter. Her identity as a birth mother has evolved as her grief has evolved. Muthoni saw life after placement as a second chance to do something with her life. She has chosen to share her adoption story with others through speaking engagements.

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