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During the adoption process, there comes a time when you (the expectant mother) get to look through parent profiles, and this is maybe one of the most important parts of the whole adoption process. After all, when you take time to view parent profiles, you are really taking the time to get to know potential parents for your baby. One of these couples is Alexis and Rob.

Parent Profiles - Rob & AlexisAlexis and Rob have many interests, but they especially love laughter. Their home is constantly filled with the happy sound of them laughing with visitors and the pleasant smell of delicious food (because Rob is a chef and makes the most amazing meals!). They love sharing food with family and friends, and they can't wait to involve a little one in their fun and loving community.

Alexis and Rob also live in a really cool city. It has lots of great museums and their district has the best schools around. Their neighborhood is filled with other families, so a child in Alexis and Rob's home would always have friends around to play with.

Want to know more about Alexis and Rob's many interests? What about the details of the fun beach vacation they take every year? Check out their profile to learn more.

If you're not sure Alexis and Rob are the right couple for you, you can find other couples here who would be delighted to have another child join their family.

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