Potential Adoptive Families with Parenting Experience

Interested in finding a couple who has already had some experience with this parenting thing? Then check out these potential adoptive families! Imagine how much love your baby would have in one of these families….

Meet Mike and Megan. Family is super important to Mike and Megan, and they can’t wait to bring a little boy or girl into the great love and joy of having a big, connected extended family. This family really tries to live in the moment and take joy in the little things of life. Mike and Megan fell in love 13 years ago, but their love has only grown deeper in seeing each other parent their daughter, Isabella, who is incredibly excited to have a baby brother or sister. Literally, she has a list of toys that she is looking forward to sharing with her new little sibling. Mike and Megan have a beautiful home with lots of room for another little one to love. For fun they enjoy relaxing on their patio with BBQ or eating s’mores made in their living room fireplace.

Meet Byron and Kari. Have you ever considered what it would be like to grow up in a big family? Well Byron and Kari have one, and they can tell you: it’s full of love, laughter, and lots and lots of fun. Byron and Kari have four children. Tessa and Ruby are their biological daughters, Leo and Kiki are their adopted kiddos, and all of them are loved deeply. There is no lack for entertainment in this home. From cooking to bike riding to flying kites in summer and sledding in winter, this family’s life is full of amusement. Could this your baby’s forever home?

Meet Kris and Ashley. Kris and Ashley are college sweethearts, who fell in love the moment they said hello. They have a beautiful, adventurous life, but they also love traditions. As a couple they have great fun cooking together, attending music concerts, and staying active. With their two darling girls, Emeline and Giselle, they love making fun memories, such as roasting s'mores under the stars or grilling out on the patio. They have found great joy in the journey of adopting their girls, and they can't wait to share that joy with you.

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