My Girlfriend Is Pregnant

As the father in an unplanned pregnancy, it’s tough knowing that decisions about your child’s life are not entirely up to you.  Birth father, Andrew, found himself in this exact situation saying, "My girlfriend is pregnant. Now what?".  Read Andrew's Adoption Story to find out how he handled finding out his girlfriend was pregnant and considering adoption.

My Girlfriend Is Pregnant

As the birth father, you can call an options counselor right now to discuss your questions and concerns as an expectant father. The options counselor also will help you understand how you can support the expectant mother in making the best possible choice for your child. 

In addition, you can talk with Gladney attorneys about the legal issues surrounding adoption and the options available to a father. Gathering information about your opportunities for involvement can help give you peace of mind about your child’s future.

You also can take advantage of Gladney’s individual counseling and support groups. These sessions can help family members process their adoption experiences during the pregnancy, after birth, and throughout your life, if needed. 

Speak To A Counselor

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