Making An Adoption Plan Is Hard

Making an adoption plan for your child is hard emotionally and physically. There will be moments of grief and feelings of loss. There will also be moments of joy and  love for the life you created and the gift of a bright future that you provided for your child. You can experience joy and pain at the same time.


Joy & Pain Can Co-Exist

It’s easy to let fear of the unknown have power. Understand that you are in control, and you have charge over what is possible. Don’t worry that you might fail,  because your only failure will be not to try at all. Dare to chase your dreams. Your future has no limits. You can look ahead with hope.

Watch the Breath Exercise below to bring a sense of comfort to you. 


As you continue practicing, we recommend starting with a 10-minute session and gradually increasing the duration of your sessions until they are at least 20 minutes. 

We are here to listen and to help. Please text or call us at 817-491-0923 to speak with an Options Counselor today. 

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