Looking For Adoptive Parents For Your Baby

Where do you begin once you've decided adoption is the right choice for you and your baby.  One starting point is to start looking for adoptive parents to place your baby with.  At the Gladney Center for Adoption, it's your choice on who you place your baby with.

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After the adoptive parents are screened and approved by Gladney, they submit parent profiles, which are personal bios with photos and information about their family -- who they are, where they're from, and what they enjoy and value in life.  You'll have plenty of time to select a family for your child.

Meet Alejandro & Diana

Looking for Adoptive Parents  - Alejandro & DianaDiana and Alejandro are one of many amazing couples who long to grow their family through adoption.  When asked how they plan on raising their child, they said, "We hope to raise our children much like we were raised, optimistic about life with lots of love, encouragement, direction, understanding and guidance. We hope to raise confident, loving, ethical, loving children that will go into the world and accomplish their goals to the best of their abilities and develop into unique and special individuals."  Find out more about this sweet couple by reading their online profile.

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