Families Looking to Adopt - John & Cindy

As you are read the stories of families looking to adopt, do you find yourself thinking back to your own childhood? Maybe your parents were super loving and very involved in your life, or maybe they were distant or even harsh. Whatever you story is, your baby's slate is completely new, and you get to be a part of writing the story for their life by choosing his or her parents. 

While searching for families looking to adopt, check out Cindy and John. Both John and Cindy grew up in very, very loving families.

Families Looking To AdoptTheir parents provided good examples to them of how to make a happy home, and Cindy and John want to do the same for their child. They want their baby to grow up feeling both loved and safe at home, and spending time as a family is a top priority for them. Also, all of their extended family is super excited to welcome a baby into their lives. A child in this family would be greatly loved.

As you search for families looking to adopt, check out John and Cindy's profile. They can't wait to become parents.

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