Check Out These Adoption Profiles

Because there are so many couples that want to adopt, Gladney is extremely selective.  Every adoptive couple we choose to work with goes through an extensive background check, meets with a licensed social worker to perform a home study and provides personal recommendations.  All of this background work is completed before we allow prospective adoptive families to share adoption profiles with expectant mothers.

Here are a few adoption profiles available for you to view:

Adoption Profiles - Rich + Kristen

Rich + Kristen (watch their video)

Adoption Profiles - Rob + Alexis

Rob + Alexis

Adoption Profiles - Chalres + Ellen

Charles + Ellen

Adoption Profiles - John + Cindy

John + Cindy

Adoption Profiles - Kevin + Marcy

Kevin + Marcy (watch their video)

Adoption Profiles - Steve + Carolyn

Steve + Carolyn

Adoption Profile - Tim + Tashina

Tim + Tashina

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