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You are not alone on your adoption journey. Not now. Not ever. We've assembled carefully pre-screened adoptive parents so that you can find the family you want to place your child with.  Have you had a chance to look at the waiting parent profiles that we have online?

Let us introduce you to Ellen and Charles.


Waiting Parent ProfilesWe're Ellen and Charles. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We've been happily together for almost nine years and are very excited about building our family through adoption, as it has been our hope for many years to share our lives and love with a child.

We were introduced through mutual friends in 2006, had fun dating and developing a strong relationship over two years, then got married surrounded by our friends and family on a sunny fall weekend. We love living in our area as it has so much natural beauty and many fun places to explore. With all its parks, walking trails and kids museums, it is also a great spot for families. Our home is full of positive energy, love and laughter... and we are excited about opening up our hearts and home to welcome a child into our life.

Meet Ellen: By Charles

I feel extremely lucky to share my life with Ellen. She is very warm, loving and has great enthusiasm for life. Whether we're going for a big breakfast after a hike by the ocean, playing a fun game of tennis or just cooking dinner together, I always look forward to spending time with Ellen. As a mother, she will be great - full of love, energy and a sense of adventure. I see these qualities in how she connects with our friends' kids, whether reading Dr. Seuss books, helping drive Thomas the Train around the track or making up new games to keep things fun and interesting. Our friends' kids often ask when Ellen is coming back to play! She also loves to travel and explore new places. We have wonderful memories of swimming in the ocean on Cape Cod, boating at a family lake house in Wisconsin and active weekends around Northern California. I know she's excited to share these adventures and many more with a new little one.

Waiting Parent ProfilesMy family and friends also genuinely enjoy spending time with Ellen. She is naturally engaging, smart, outgoing and can't wait to spend time being a mom! One of the highlights of our year is the fun Christmas holiday she loves to plan for our extended family. Our annual tree trimming tradition starts with picking out the "perfect" tree, hauling it home on the car roof and singing along to our Christmas playlist while decorating the tree. Ellen also loves making fresh-baked holiday "spritz" cookies using her mom's recipe and coming up with fun surprises for her nieces' stockings. Both my family and friends appreciate her great spirit and that she is such a down-to earth, thoughtful person. Ellen loves children and as our friends with kids can confirm, she will bring a great deal of caring, nurturing and hugs to a child of our own!

Meet Charles By Ellen

Charles is a wonderful husband, who has a warm heart and personality. One of the things I love most about Charles is how much he cherishes his family and friends, as reflected in the giant hug he gives me each night and all his fun stories of trips with his parents, brother and sister over the years. I also admire how Charles balances a successful professional career, while prioritizing our family life and activities. He enjoys sports and spending time outdoors, whether hiking local trails, golfing with his friends or going to our college home football games in the fall. He also has fun cooking great meals for our friends - his beef tenderloin is one of my favorites - and on weekend afternoons you can often find him relaxing with a good book.

Waiting Parent ProfilesMy friends really look forward to spending time with Charles, as he is very comfortable with himself, has a fun sense of humor and naturally gets along with all different kinds of people. Watching Charles playing with our friends' kids reinforces what a wonderful dad he will be. He comes up with creative games that make our friends' kids laugh, enjoys reading to them and has even been seen climbing into the kids' playhouse! I can't wait to see him sharing his love with a little one.

On Parenting

We are both excited about the opportunity to welcome a child into our lives. Your baby will be joining a home filled with love, laughter, creative play and a focus on learning. Education is very important to both of us and we will provide the best possible education throughout life for your baby, from excellent nursery schools to a great college experience. We feel very fortunate that when we start our family, Ellen will be able to spend much of her time at home with a little one. Additionally, our families and friends are excited about our adoption plans and look forward to being part of our extended family.

We feel that a loving, supportive family environment is a very important foundation, so a child feels safe and secure as they grow. We have both had stable, supportive families and parents that have been together their whole adult lives. Our families provided us the opportunity to explore many different interests and choose our own path through life - we look forward to doing the same for a child. We've also developed values that we would hope to share, including treating others with kindness and respect, acting with honesty and integrity and becoming positive members of a community. Most importantly, we will provide unconditional love and the support a child needs to grow and thrive throughout life.

Our Home And Community

Waiting Parent ProfilesWe feel lucky to live in a sunny, residential neighborhood-. Our three-bedroom house is comfortable and cozy, with views overlooking the water and a number of families with children living nearby. The neighborhood is very friendly and people are often out walking along the tree-lined streets. Both our church and several excellent schools are also within walking distance.

Our house is ten minutes from a beautiful national park overlooking a lovely bridge, with great trails for walking, hiking and bike riding. It's a fantastic spot for families and has an especially lovely park area with a big playground for kids.

Our town offers an incredible number of things to do and experience, including the local zoo, the Discovery Museum for children, the beach and more local parks than we can count! We look forward to sharing many of these experiences with a new little one.

In Closing

We can promise you that your baby will be deeply loved, supported and encouraged throughout life in our family. We are very excited about welcoming a baby into our lives and sharing the many wonderful experiences of our families, friends and community. We would look forward to staying in touch with you in whatever way feels best for you and will make sure your baby knows how much you love him or her. You will always have a special place in our hearts and our deepest gratitude for helping us build our family. Thank you again for considering us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ellen and Charles

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