Searching For An American Adoption Agency?

We might be a little biased, but we know a pretty good one. Gladney is definitely our favorite American adoption agency, but it’s really the birth mothers who we love that can tell you the most about it. Here’s what women, maybe women like you, who have found themselves pregnant, alone, and afraid, have experienced through their partnership with Gladney:

 “This experience has changed me to be more confident with who I am and that life isn’t gonna be perfect, but at the same time we’ll all get through. . . . I had never heard of a place like this but it just kind of felt right to come here, and it’s been a great journey.” –Teagan

“It’s like a dorm-like setting, but it’s still home because everybody’s together and everybody acted like family, and it made me want to be a part of that. . . . I’m doing the right thing for the baby and for me. . . I am preparing for a journey for a child, but it’s a journey for me, too.” – Jessica

Gladney - An American Adoption Agency“At first I was still not too excited about adoption, so I really didn’t want to go. Walking in, first of all the place is beautiful; it’s huge. And they’re very much about making sure that the birth mom has a better life, and there is such a thing as open adoption, where I could very much be a part of her life. . . after I left I felt different.” - Sydney

“Gladney is truly a blessing. They have taken good care of me; they have provided all my needs; they feed us, they give us medical care. . . . I mean who could ask for anything more? For someone in such a situation as me, this place is heaven-sent and they have truly been good to me. . . . I’m proud of myself and being at Gladney has been great. These people have become my family that I care about. . . . Because of Gladney, I was able to take care of this child that God gave me and put him in the right situation, but I think this happened to remove me from the environment I was in. I’m taking it one day at a time and everybody here is with me and supports me, and this is way more support than I would’ve had in the streets. Gladney has provided a better day for me. . . . And because of Gladney and all the staff, I’m a better woman.” – Felicia

If you’re still not sure if Gladney is the right adoption agency for you (or if you’re even not sure that adoption is right for you), talk to somebody. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, we always have somebody that’s ready to just listen to you and hear you story. Let's talk today!

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