Adoption Waiting Families - Sarah and Zac

In your search for an adoptive family, the number of hopeful couples out there can be overwhelming. Today we'd like to highlight not a couple, but a threesome (plus their adorable little dachshund named Dutch) that has lots of room in their hearts for another little one.

Adoption Waiting Families - Sarah + ZacSarah, Zac, and their little one, Thomas, enjoy a peaceful life together. Zac grew up in a small town, and thought their family lives in a big city now, he still exudes the friendliness and loyalty that he developed from growing up in that small town environment. Sarah, on the other hand, is a well of creativity and loves preparing fun, little projects for Thomas as well as the other children in their lives. She is always bubbling with crafty ideas and delights in sharing them with others. Little Thomas is an energetic four-year-old that would just love to have little brother or sister to play with. Could Thomas be a big brother to your little one?

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