Adoption Story By Gladney: Susan

adoption story

In 1973 Edna Gladney (now known as Gladney Center for Adoption) took care of me in a difficult time. I appreciated and am thankful for all the care they gave me.

I was 18 at the time and my pregnancy was kept a secret from most of my relatives for twenty-seven years. When I married I never told my husband (we're now divorced).  We had a son together and I decided that when he turned 18 I would look for my birth daughter and if I found her I would tell him and everyone.

I know that not all birth parents and birth children want to have contact with each other. We should respect that. Our situation just turned out that both of us wanted contact. Her adoptive parents were very open about her adoption.  The very first day that I went searching online, I found her. I know. Hard to believe, but true. She sent a picture of herself and when I saw her I knew. We had to go through some steps before we found out we were a match and I believe these steps are much needed and beneficial.

I told my son about it and he was shocked at first and then happy that he had a half sister as he was an only child. I then told my ex-husband and all my relatives and my friends. I was surprised how many people opened up to me that they were adopted or/and had adopted children.

My birth daughter and I eventually met. I met her adoptive parents and they are wonderful people. Her search was mainly driven by wanting to know our family history of health issues and curiosity of course. Mine was to fulfill the wondering that she was given a good life; what she looked like. My son and sister eventually met her also. It was a good event in our lives.

We still keep in touch through email and social media. She had a daughter and I am thought of as “Nana Susan”. She will be told the story at some point in her life. I am very respectful of her and never try to be her “mother”. She had one. (Her adoptive mother passed away a few years ago.)

Just know that I am so grateful for everything Edna Gladney offered me at the time and they fulfill and enrich the lives of those who adopt.


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