Adoption Agencies in Lubbock Texas

You are making a loving and sacrificial decision by considering placing your baby for adoption. Just by thinking about it, you are thinking about what's best for your child. Putting your child before yourself is an amazingly brave decision, and that's why at Gladney, we believe it's important to take care of you just as much as we help you take care of your baby.

During your pregnancy, we provide assistance with housing, living expenses, medical care, and legal services. After your pregnancy, we help you through career coaching and educational opportunities. Throughout the entire process we support you with counseling and by connecting you to other women–women who are in the same position as you and women who have already placed their baby for adoption.

 If you would like more details about this support, call an options counselor today. Find out how we can help you in your exact situation.

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Gladney Center for Adoption is one of the premier adoption agencies in Lubbock Texas.

Gladney Center for Adoption | 4708 67th Street #126 | Lubbock, TX 79414 | 806-300-8658


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