6 Adoption Facts

Learning facts about adoption is your first step toward making the best decision as you consider making an adoption plan for you and your baby:
  1. A woman can make an adoption plan for her baby while she is pregnant, but cannot relinquish her parental rights until at least 48 hours after delivery.
  2. Women who are currently parenting a baby or child can choose to make an adoption plan for that child, regardless of age.
  3. Women who are serving jail time or facing longer incarcerations can choose to make a permanent adoption plan for their child or children, rather than place them in the foster care system.
  4. Making an adoption plan is a loving, responsible, and courageous decision.Adoption Facts
  5. Birth parents can plan confidential, semi-open, or open adoption with a family that they personally choose.  They also can specify the degree of post-adoption communication they desire.
  6. Birth parents who work with accredited adoption agencies can receive assistance with housing, medical care, legal services, and professional counseling – free of charge.

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