5 Adoption Facts You Can Rely On

If you choose to partner with Gladney to place your child for adoption, here are five adoption facts you can count on:

  1. We will assist you with living arrangements at your home or in the Gladney dorm.
  2. We will help you with medical assistance that allows you to use your own doctor or one provided by Gladney. We'll help you coordinate visits.
  3. We will provide free legal assistance.
  4. We will offer one-on-one counseling and support groups during and after pregnancy.Gladney Adoption Facts
  5. We will offer counseling and support for key people in your life (such as family members and the baby's father).

Let's talk today about all of your options through adoption while partnering with Gladney. Call or text one of our Options Counselors at 800-452-3639 or click on the button below for other contact information.

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