3 Families Looking To Adopt

If you are considering placing your child for adoption, it’s important that you have lots of options available to you–options on where to live, what kind of adoption to have, and especially what family you choose to place your child with. We know lots of families looking to adopt, and we think that’s good because you deserve the opportunity to have options. Here is just a taste of several options:

Rich and Kristen

Families Looking to Adopt - Rich and KristenRich and Kristen strongly believe that you can be whoever and whatever you want to be, and they want to always affirm this in their child. They have already set aside enough money to give their child a college education because they want their little one to have the opportunity to chase after whatever dreams grow in their little heart. They want this for your child. Get to know them through their video and online profile. 


Families Looking to Adopt - Rob and AlexisRob and Alexis

Laughter is a common sound in the home of Rob and Alexis. This couple loves many, many things, but in everything they love to laugh. If you chose to place your child with this family, you can rest assured that every day they would find themselves surrounded by joy and delicious food (because Rob is a chef). Learn more about their interests and their annual beach vacations through their parent profile.


Zac and Sarah

Families Looking to Adopt - Zac and SarahFamily of three is ready to become family of four! Zac and Sarah’s son, Thomas, fills their life with incredible joy, and as an energetic four-year-old he is eager to have a little brother or sister, and the space in Zac and Sarah’s hearts for another baby is immense. Even their little dachshund, Dutch, who absolutely loves children, is excited for another child to join their family. Could this be the right home for your baby? Learn more about their life by viewing their parent profile.

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